Inferno Canto XIV's rivers of tears
Inferno Cantos XII & XIII, the body, on edge, H.D., palliative society
Inferno Cantos X and XI; In Defense of Secrets by Anne Dufourmantelle; separating the wheat from chaff; purity and danger; Baudrillard; the Virgo…
Inferno Canto IX; waiting at the gate outside the city of Dis
Inferno Canto VIII; Scarlett Rouge's Astral Portraits and Earthly Remains at The Lodge; River Styx
Inferno Canto VII; hell's 4th and 5th circles; censorship; kinds of fire; fortune; miserly and prodigal; gold and silver; lunacy and sensitivity
Inferno Canto VI; hell's third circle; Florida; palm trees; eternal rain; sulfur-salt-mercury; Bogie and Bacall; Key Largo; Wallace Stevens; glimmers in…
INFERNO CANTO V; Hell's second circle, the lustful, winds, words, Francesca da Rimini
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Cosmic Edges