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So it’s the day after V-day and I’m thinking about Venus and Mars. VENUS is sort of like the magnet in our charts, in our hearts — and tells us how we want our beauty — like what we want it served up with and in what arena. What we are inexplicably drawn to with magnetism and sweetness. It is sweet, even if what we are drawn to is not sweet. And astrology teaches that to know what we are drawn to and how we are drawn to it is necessary, is medicine.

MARS is a fiery mechanism that talks about desire — what we go after. How and with what tools we take action on what Venus nudges us toward. How we happen to the world and with what specific force of nature. The relationship between your Mars + Venus signs is this cool lifelong illuminatory conversation. Not to mention how they interact with your loves, partners, friends, on and on….

Here is more on that from yesterday, at the heart of V-day:

We know from astrology and from our hearts and from Homer that Venus and Mars are lovers of serious magnitude and magnetism.💋🍬🔥Forbidden love had them caught in a net by Venus' husband as the gods laughed and Mercury cracked a joke about how it might be kinda cool to be in such a situation — 🍬VENUS fly trap.
🍬VENUS birthed from sea foam and emerging w/ pearls.
🍬Cy Twombly's super-charged drawings where you can feel the
MARS energy but they say VENUS. 🍬VENUS.
🍬VENUS is magnetism. That which we draw in and that whitch we consider beautiful & so is also the repulsion mechanism, or as Cy Twombly once said about roses, “the height of ick.”
🍬VENUS is how we are ART and how we alchemize ART.
🍬If you've been in love or if you have made art, you know its terrible joy.
🍬Where Venus falls in your chart tells a story about your magnetic enviro and sensorium — what you are inexplicably drawn to with a force that is not the mind, not exactly the heart, but how we engage our senses with the drive for and thru “BEAUTY.”
Scroll for Venusian vibes 🖤🌹
February 14, 2020

Because a LOVE astrological is just as nuanced as a LOVE IRL, it is difficult to talk about an astrological love equation — a magical wellspring to tell you to go where you will find the sum total of your romantic sweets and needs. There are the basics: the 7th house (which is sunset, house of marriage, union, and whatever we MERGE with); Venus (attraction, sweetness) and her (x)lover Mars (desire, action, war, even); the luminaries (sun + moon), etc. But there is also the VIBE.


Because Pisces season is rolling around (you’ll be hearing from me on that next week…) and the Piscean energy is into VIBES as a mode of communique, I will say that beyond the Mars and the Venus, beyond the astrological configurations and also weirdly usually found within them — there is the vibe. You likely know it and so you know how hard it is to assign verbiage to, so best to make it personal.

I found myself at a fashion show last weekend. It was half-raining. The moon had newly entered Virgo. I was at my most mercurial, questioning and attempting to categorize the glam-effervescent VIBE of the thing, when I encountered someone with whom I ended up having a conversation about this very vibe. Another artist and someone with whom I’d experienced a serendipitous meeting. It was weird. Though, perhaps the internet had made serendipity normal. Anyway, we concluded in our post-show haze that vibes are perhaps where art happens and where something akin to love happens, though not always exactly LOVE, but magnets (Venus) are involved. And desire (Mars) is a player in the equation. And the heart, the sun, the reflection of it all (moon), and the whole vibratory aura of the earth herself. Venus is also, as you know, art and beauty. I often look to the Venus placement in the charts of my clients to talk about their artistic practice, how they beautify the vibe.

It is curious, isn’t it — because the Venusian apparatus is that which clings to us in its sweetness, asking us to revisit the feeling of it — to do something with it, even if it is simply to dwell longer. And it is not verbal. Do you know what I mean?

Stendhal described beauty as, “the promise of happiness” which seems to be also what Venus promises.

And I learned from someone on Instagram yesterday that Carol Shields said LOVE is: “just a word trying to remember another word…” which also feels correct.

And so, for now, I conclude that an astrologically and livingly generated VIBE is a re-membering and a sweet searching — a promise — even if the only delivery on that promise comes as more searching…there is a certain voyaging that is necessary…that we were maybe born to do….

And in their endless transits and circles — the planets teach about voyaging, too —


The moon is in Scorpio all day today — asking us to drudge up what we maybe don’t feel like drudging on a Saturday and transmute it into something we can beautify in the aboveground world. Translation: Look into the face of whatever’s plaguing you…

Mercury is in Pisces, not too far from Neptune who’s slinging dreams and all kinds of psychic lacquer — speaking of vibes, Mercury’s attempting to translate the oceanic and hanging out in the shadow — about to go retrograde….slow and steady wins the race and your usual mental gymnastics might feel more like synchronized swimming….

Venus is at 9 degrees Aries, so desire is the love language of the collective chart and also, anything hot, individualistic, and headstrong. She’s not holding out for a hero. She’s the hero.


  1. Birth of Venus (Botticelli) Polaroid (Daniel Cohen)

  2. Sunset (Me, Jersey shore, 2020)

  3. Cy Twombly, Venus.

  4. Wolfgang Tillmans, Venus Transit

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