Oct 8, 2019 • 47M

034: Sarah Faith Gottesdiener: Lunar Intelligence

Emmalea Russo
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Astrology, art, and chats.
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Sarah Faith Gottesdiener is an artist and business owner living in LA. She is the creator of the cult classic Many Moons workshops, workbooks, and lunar planner, among other things. She has run her feminist apparel business, Modern Women, since 2007. 

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(Photo Credit: Lani Trock)

Sarah and I chatted about:

  • Working with the moon and lunar energy

  • Sarah’s process writing her forthcoming book

  • Language and visual art as ways of relating to the world

  • Reframing one’s work to be in service to others

  • The importance of critical thinking + questioning that which you’re enchanted by

  • Focusing more on collectivity rather than individualism

  • Problematic language in the dominant new age culture

  • Our shifting relationship to time via social media

  • The book How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny Odell

  • Dangers of taking things out of context (including the moon…)

  • Extraction vs. exchange in Sarah’s relationship with the moon