Dear Cosmic & Curious Readers:


I’ll begin with a Joan Jonas performance still (Double Lunar Dogs, 1984):


Sun: 25 degrees Libra

Moon: 20 degrees Gemini

Mercury + Venus: Scorpio

Mars: Libra

In this — the final week of Libra season, while our sun is in the house of Venus before s/he moves into the reign of Mars — I’ll talk a bit about planets. The planets are emblematic of our imperfect human-material realm, the many changing states of it. We err! We feel! We have many different kinds of conversations — harsh and whispery and lusty and vile. The planets do this too and the astrophiles call these convos aspects. The planets are emissaries of the gods and the gods are built just as much for war as they are for peace — they contain the range of human emotions and they errantly wander, divine reminders of our own ranges of consciousness.

Art is reigned over by Venus in the sense that Venus strives for perfection via harmony and symmetry through (at times) evocation of the ineffable. The ancients knew the planets were wandering stars — large moveable objects around which whole worlds moved. Beyond the planets are the fixed stars (from our perspective, immovable) and so beam down to us the omnipresent image of what is constant and immovable. Planets have gendas and plans and carnal and emotional desires and decrees. Venus wants to unite and attract, to magnetize and beautify.

The sky is airy right now with the cerebral hum of the Libra-Venusian and the curious mental buzz of the Gemini moon. That feeling in the gut when the mind can’t find ground and so the mind makes a home of the word why and the body settles into the agita of oscillations. To understand how the luminaries and planets behave, we must look to their homes — i.e. the houses. For instance: Venus is in Scorpio right now and so the traditional ruler of Scorpio (Mars — god of war) is providing her with resources.

She is a houseguest at her ex’s and so she must be a different kind of Venus than if she were lounging in one of her own homes (Taurus, Libra). Anyone who’s ever stayed with an ex knows it that it requires an artful emotional blueprint. She must be a bit irascible; she must argue; she must go warrior-esque and red. Blood red, not rosy-red. Note also that currently, Mars is in Libra, the house of Venus. This is called mutual reception. Translation: They need each other and so must communicate. Venus is like, “Mars grab me some stuff from my home and I’ll give you some stuff from yours.” Stuff being like, art and war and love and jealousy. Apparatuses primal and modern and human.

End of my planetary musing for the week. Enjoy the final days of Libra season, dear ones. And write in with any questions. I’ll be doing a podcast series on the houses so please do let me know what your astro-house-curiosities might be.

Venus in Scorpio:

(Carolee Schneeman: Performance still, Snows, 1967)

Next week: Scorpio season poem-scopes and musings on the depths of the Scorpionic.


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