the Virgo archetype + poem-scopes for every sign <3

Dear cosmic and curious readers,

Our sun has just crossed the threshold into Virgoan territory and so we’re steeped in a new archetype, element, and mode. (Oh! And today is the last day to order the Virgo Season Astroplanner for $9.99.) Let us discuss the archetype of the Virgo, smash the stereotypes, and then slide into the horoscopes (poem-scopes, let’s be honest) for the season. Should you want music for the journey, here’s an option:

The sun is at 0 degrees Virgo, charged from its journey into a new sign and near to Mars and Venus, also holding hands in the early moments of the Virgin. The moon is in Taurus, where she finds her exaltation, an earthy environment up to the task of projecting her lunar light. Our collective chart has shifted from fire to earth, from fixed to mutable. Virgo is a changeable sign and calls Mercury her caretaker. Mercury-ruled priestesses and priests study the intricacies of translation, crowned with the operative skill of world-moving. That is, moving between worlds and words. Like this:

Joan Miro, Drawing-Collage

We oft hear the Virgo archetype described as nit-picky, ultra-organized, hyper-vigilant, grim, and boring, even. Let’s review. Virgo is the only sign on the zodiacal block represented in imagery as a woman. She’s embodied and self-contained (think vestal virgins tending to the hearth, up-keeping the system in service to Earth herself). And in her self-contained-ness, her ability to care for herself and create, she’s perceived as frigid, cold, virginal (ahem, patriarchy).

She’s virginal insofar as she doesn’t need someone to show her how to create and in fact, might prefer to do it on her own. The raw materials of creation are second nature to the Virgo energy and she uses her hands and mind to sort what’s necessary from what’s not. An editorial impulse that, in the hands of Queen (or King) V, are a creative act worthy of their own set of eyes and attentions. Anyone who’s ever edited anything (books, music, gardens, time) knows that one needs a sharp mind, a steady hand, and vision.

Matt Kleberg, Stucco Staccato, 2018

In part, this season harkens creation after creation. It’s the moment of solitude, service, gathering up and dispersing, and work that happens before we begin to socialize (the following sign, Libra, being the moment of socialization, of other-ness). I’ll be releasing a podcast episode soon on my more detailed thoughts on this oft misunderstood energy. Let us not relegate dear badass Virgo to the realms of petty organization and nit-pick. No archetype is that simple. We’re talking about separating the wheat from the chaff, literal and celestial — and detecting use and beauty in both the runoff and thing itself.


Egon Schiele, Standing Girl Wrapped in Blanket, 1911


In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, etc. The material world changes and as she changes, so too we must heed the amorphous call. The quickest way out of your own quandaries is via service to others. You arrived head-strong and fire-ruled and so now teach others how to use their heads and hearts in such heavenly and unruly ways. Translation: Rock n’ roll.


Your impulse is to holding space and so the groundwork is done. Next? Creation itself in the form of whatever calls to your earthen soul, your most primal desires. With the sun in a fellow earth sign and many a planet in your creativity sphere, the heavens call you to design heaven on earth. You can make art out of anything. Even, or especially, dirt.


Revolution requires roots. You might get H O M E tattooed on your knuckles this month, as all celestial arrows point down to the seed of your Self. We are talking about the heavenly rhizome, the home in which you were raised, the home wherein you reside, and your body. We are talking, too, about wherever you were before you came here.


Words were her plague and words were her redemption said poet H.D. How do you use your communicative powers, your watery intuition? Poems, writing, archiving, speaking, examining, acknowledging, record-keeping, translating. These are words for what your Virgo season alights — Mercury infuses your mind-space, desiring to transmute mental metal into hot gold.


How are you of use? Not to the societal machine, but to your highest-order-essence, your leonine gold. Gold, as in a super conductor of electricity. Look around at your environment for clues as to what you value: $$, objects, humans, energy? Remember that attention is a commodity. Beam your glow into what your soul prizes and slough off the rest.


Forces of spirit, divine light, and the empyrean masculine and feminine set up camp in your ecosystem and flower and flower, generating their own language. What energy rises to your surface and endeavors to be seen? It’s hard to have a self, a body, a soul. When the sun hangs in your identity center, you ASAP become a student of individuality and union.


The shallow drudgery of strict adherence to societal norms will dampen your Venusian aura. Heed the call from your mind’s center and unfasten yourself from the hardwire of blah. Read: stop scrolling. Let mysticism from holy books and direct transmission be the base note to your month and resist the urge to surrender your weirder thoughts. Craziness is like heaven… said Saint Jimi Hendrix.


Use your psychic prowess to solve the world’s problems and call forth your crew. Two heads are better than one and seven heads are better than two. It’s better, after all, to be lonely together. Right? When Tilda Swinton said, If we don’t accept loneliness, then capitalism wins hands down, she was speaking, too, to your house of group-think, your wild Scorpionic take on the *current situation.*


Remember that entity, perhaps a dude sitting on a sidewalk or perhaps your BFF or a cat or maybe a peculiar stranger, who really saw you — saw you in a way you hadn’t thought possible? Claim the clean glint in their eyes and use it to propel you into what we can only call galactic sight and site. This is not about your number of social media followers, this is the rigors of polarized Purpose.


You’re intimately familiar with death process, as this is the rhythm to which you were born. The patron saint of stricture rules your heart and it’s time to take a Saturnian look at Jupiter. Translation: loosen the grip on your daily drudgeries and live for a time in the space of exhale, curiosity, bounty. You’re so…alive!


It proves useful to find your own electric point of entry into the underworld, as planets urge you toward what’s personal, deep, and ancestral. Death is only one part of the sequence. There’s also transformation and rebirth. Use the deftness of your clear heart to delve into the murk of what’s been long buried. Emerge as a new version of your most ancient-modern self, a little more healed for having descended the escalator.


Trees speak their own language, communicate with roots across vast systems unseen to us. So too that connection is what you’ll swim towards as the sun beams in your polar opposite sign. You have a clear view of the glory of Spirit, which means, a line to connection of the highest order. A love supreme, tree-talk, float-tank, every synonym for godly love in earthen form. Your perspective is an asset.


Thank you so much for reading and supporting this work, dear friends. And happy Virgo season! If you’ve made it thus far in this long and Virgoan newsletter, use the code POET for a serious (25%) discount on all astrology and cosmic divination sessions with me.

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XO emmalea

031: Jennifer Sodini: Plant Medicine and High Magic


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Today's full moon in Aquarius + a teeny horoscope for each sign.


Dearest cosmically-inclined readers,

Hi friends! First, let’s talk about what’s going on today with this moon thing. Then, a horoscope-poemy offering for each sign under the influence of today’s lunar event.

The moon is almost full and will likely be at its fullest at the time you’re reading this. 8:29AM ET is the exact time and we’re talking about a cosmic zap of culminating energy that I waxed about for 13-minutes on the podcast here. As I look at the chart for today’s full moon, and remember that luminary hanging in the sky last night so bright and white and pink, I think of the elements air and fire. Aquarius, an air sign, slices through the white light white heat of Leo (fire fire fire).

These are dynamic elements. Air and fire, after all, want to move. They want to help each other get into the crevices, they want to escalate and maneuver. It’s not to have and to hold. It’s to do and to swerve. Air fans the fire and the cool crisp burst of Aquarius offers us a magic carpet on which to ride, a fresh perspective on our hearts and centers, our passions and afflictions.

When we look at a full moon chart, we see that the full moon is directly across from the sun, gazing upon its heat. In this case, the full Aquarian (forward-thinking, revolutionary, mental) moon, beholds a whole crew of planets in Leo. We’re talking Mercury, Mars, the Sun, and Venus. It’s safe to say the heavenly sphere is on fire. And Venus and the Sun are still traveling together, the Sun holding Venus at its hot center, a throne cut just for her. People are falling in love. People are making things. People are beholding the glory of their Venusian feminine. Cy Twombly says so:

My take on the Leo-Aquarius polarity and the energetics and responsibilities of this lunation today:

THE ODDITIES OF BEING A SELF⭐️On the eve of the full moon in Aquarius — thinking about the self as part of the collective consciousness via the immortal words of Clarice Lispector (all of her words are ripe with immortality). Consider those moments of revelatory strangeness — those — hey — I’m a person — zaps. The sun still traverses Leo, asking to see and be seen, while the moon waxes in Aquarius, the great electric bearer of collective fruits — we are whole AND part of the whole. The self is strange and necessary but so too the group is the thing — how is your self shining in — and — for — the collective? Not simply the solar prerogative of uninterrupted shine, but the grit of forward momentum. It’s everyone’s lifetime to look at political injustices, the underserved, invisible, and the ultra-visible, our shine and shadow. Which glitters are blinding us and which are illuminating? Full moon is tomorrow at 8:29AM ET🌕
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August 14, 2019



People are strange when you’re a stranger so introduce yourself. Throw your personal brand of heat into the collective bonfire and fan the flames of your future-self. Groups are just a cluster of individuals, after all.


It matters. But like, does it really really matter? You have a clear line of sight from your past to your future, your root chakra to your crown. What’s feeding the machine?Time is a circle. We might need to redefine progress.


There’s a soft voice calling you to do something extravagant and adventurous. If you keep brushing it off, it will find a loudspeaker and your head will become the stadium. Heed the call and find a rocket ship.


You know that Pink Floyd song about money? Let it be your lullaby and battle cry. Let the moonlight hit your face whilst you think about what you value most and where perhaps you are being undervalued.


Everything is personal. Everything, everything, everything, is personal. It’s okay. You don’t have to make it impersonal. You just have to ask yourself how you merge with the universal life force and other people. Simple enough. Love with a love that is more than love.

Repeat after me, I know the unknown will be known to me. Please do put your own oxygen mask on before exploring the unknown. One Virgoan foot on the ground and the other splashing in subconscious waters.


Art is not necessarily a guaranty of sanity. But it might be. Make stuff. If your art is bread, make bread. Keep making until you feel whole and then make some more. Ground yourself in the elements until you feel at home in the dynamism of creation.


Follow the strange sensations down to the land from whence you came. The underworld, the heavens, and the earthly sphere all start to resemble each other at some point. And so it might be time to define “home.”


Communicate now. The moon shines upon your ability to transmute thoughts into words. Write! Says the moon. Fellow Sag Emily Dickinson said that she knows nothing in the world with as much power as a word. Start with one wor(l)d.


What do you live amongst and what do you house? If the outer world is a reflection of what’s going on inside, examine both with cataclysmic precision and start rearranging stuff. Neurons, electrons, environs.


Be the revolutionary force, the steady reminder that we’re all one weird unit. If your fellow travelers look at you funny, that just means you’re doing it right. The lunar light is doing some direct transmissions in your own language.


Revelation can happen whilst doing the simplest of tasks. Doing the dishes is zen if you want it to be, after all. The good moon will shine upon you as you oscillate between the float tank and drudgery-zen of daily routines.


THANK YOU FOR READING! I hope you have a magical, restful, and sweet full moon day…week…month…year.

Please reply with your thoughts and questions. And if you want to work together, here’s a list of offerings.

In lunar light,

X emmalea

030: Full Moon in Aquarius: The Self in the Collective


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